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Our mission

une meilleure position sur le marché agricole

Moroccan farmers are the backbone of our agricultural sector. thanks to them, our country is self-sufficient in many products. However, with a country of almost 8.7 million hectares, we are not as efficient as we should be.

Fila7a is on a mission

to help farmers across our country improving their sales and generate more leads to further develop their business.

agriculture maroc الفلاحة بالمغرب
agriculture maroc الفلاحة بالمغرب

With our online solution farmers can benefit from a better position in the market.

we believe we can help farmers be profitable

Improve and optimize
agricultural services

Fila7a is committed to helping farmers with multiple services during or after the harvest of their products. whether it is with transportation, cooling chambers, phytosanitary or even export.

Our platform is designed to facilitate the whole process and guide you every step of the way.

الفلاحة بالمغرب

Buy and sell directly without intermediaries

Buying and selling agricultural products is now so much easier, with a wide offer at your fingertips.
Just click and go to discover the best offers in the Moroccan market, vegetables, fruits and more!

الفلاحة في المغرب